Croatia villas are not for summer only…

Did you know that when so called ‘season’ on Adriatic coast closes its doors in late August and September, there are villas you can stay at and enjoy the coastline in peace and quite, not to mention lot less heat. Adriatic coast offers many romantic strolls down its history filled streets, small hand crafted jewelry […]

How to choose the right accommodation in Zadar

While the internet is overflowing with ads for private accommodations in Zadar, how do you make sure you pick the one that will really make your stay fun and enjoyable? Here are top 5 ways how to choose the right accommodation in Zadar: Check out their website Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+  to […]

Surefire way to have fun in Zadar

Want to know a sure way to have fun in Zadar? There is an app for that. 😀   Here is what has to say about this cool app.:   “Description ZADAR IN YOUR POCKET. Now on your iPhone. Get the most out of Zadar, Croatia with In Your Pocket, Europe’s biggest publisher of […]