Wine routes, routes of olive oil and cheese in Zadar region

by Agrotourism vinyards

Open the door and step into an intoxicating world of wine of the Zadar region. Since ancient times, the farmers planted vineyards in the rich fields of Ravni Kotar and in the tiny scraps of earth that hid between the rocks in Bukovica, Velebit and the islands.

Since ancient times, the secular feeder of Dalmatia; the „liquid gold of the Mediterranean“ from which the hard-working farmers’ hands retrieve the gold – the dense, aromatic, delicious and therapeutic olive oil; it is a symbol of peace and wisdom, it is unique and the best!

Dalmatia – the land of the sheep. Dalmatia carries this name since the ancient Illyrians. From the aromatic pastures rich in aromatic herbs and covered by sea salt, for centuries, on these lands, the diligent cheese-makers have been creating harmony of taste and smell – the unique domestic cheese.

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